Power's Medical Aesthetics carries only pharmaceutical skin care product. And, we are proud to carry exclusively Vivier Pharma. How is VivierSkin® different than store-bought, or salon products? It is formulated with pharmaceutical grade standards. Recommended by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and skin care specialists, it addresses a number of skin concerns, from dry, sensitive skin to redness, hyperpigmentation and aging.

The newest addition to the VivierSkin® family of products is VivierSkin® Platine, the ultimate anti-aging collections. Whether you choose VivierSkin®, VivierSkin® Platine, or a combination of the two for the daily care of your skin, the result is a flawless canvas known as Vivierskin.

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Scientific data suggests that aging can affect your eyelashes, and become considerably thinner, shorter and lighter in colour by the time one is 60 years. There are several options to enhance lashes. Some non-medical methods are topical conditioners, homeopathic oils, lash implants/extensions or even mascaras. There are also medical options: LATISSE®, bimpatoprost imitators (in the US), pharmacy compounded medications, and surgery. LATISSE® is the only FDA approved prescription eyelash product approved in Canada to grow your natural eyelashes fuller, longer and darker. Visible results happen as early as eight weeks, with full effects in 12-16 weeks. You must book a consult at Power’s Medical Aesthetics to see which option is best for you.

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jane iredale is the skincare makeup (TM)”…Over 20 years ago, Jane Iredale created a line of pure mineral powder makeup that nourishes and protects your skin while helping you look your best. [The company] continues to develop innovative mineral cosmetic solutions for healthy skin that are designed to enhance your natural beauty and your life. Quite simply—Beauty with Brilliance.(TM)" For information, testimonials and reviews, visit