A great treatment to combat aging, dull skin, repair damage from pigmentation issues, wrinkles & acne/scarring is chemical peels. They can be targeted to specific needs from a light peel to a deeper peel for amazing results. Most peels don't require any down time, however stronger ones can cause peeling/flaking of dull skin. Sunscreen is absolutely a must when getting chemical peel treatments, even in winter. Best results are done with a series of treatments, typically every 3-4 weeks until results are achieved. 


1.  ZO ENZYMATIC PEEL (light) **RETAIL product only, $100. See our online store on this website.

We are excited to offer this affordable and practical retail peel product, for at-home use only--one purchase for weeks of applications!


  • Helps smooth uneven, rough textured skin

  • Revives dull looking skin

  • Improves the visible signs of sun damage

  • Enhances the benefits of any ZO® Treatment

Key Ingredients:

  • Papain and bromelain enzymes and glycolic acid (AHA): Provides enzymatic and chemical exfoliation to remove dead skin cells

  • Diglycerin, kukui seed oil and safflower seed oil: Replenishes hydration and lipids for skin barrier restoration and reinforcement

Use 1-2 times per week or as needed. Apply to clean, dry skin. Leave on for 1-3 hours. Rinse if desired. Does not require rinsing.

2.  VIVIER PEEL™ (light): in office treatment only, sold only in packages of 6 for $500 plus gst.

     -for concerns with aging skin, age spots, dehydrated skin, skin imperfections, or acne.


3.  JESSNER PEEL™ (mod/deep): in office treatment only, sold only in packages of 3 for $500 plus gst.  A stronger peel that:

  • reduces fine lines and wrinkles

  • diminishes the appearance of age spots such as sundamage and melasma or pregnancy mask

  • helps firm and tighten the skin

  • helps improve acne, enlarged pores and the appearance of acne scars

  • restores your 'youthful glow'



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